“The Kingdom of Iyall is gone, we are nothing more than a collection of broken nations seeking our own place in the ruins that were left behind”

From the journal of the First Grand Master of the Adventurer’s Guild.

The Chronicles of Iyall is a D&D 5th edition campaign set in a homebrew world, currently taking place in the continent of Iyall.

Our players are members of the Adventurer’s Guild a semi-mercenary group that act as military and police for The Republic of Free Cities and heroes for hire to anyone with enough coin. Their missions will take them across the continent for each of the three nations, The Papal of Eslea, The Dukedom of Froules and The Great Ubra Forest.

A brief history of Iyall can be found here, with more in-depth pages for the nations and major npcs to come as the players encounter them.

Chronicles of Iyall

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