A brief history of Iyall

The Golden Age of Iyall

The Kingdom of Iyall once spanned the length and breadth of the continent of Iyall. A glorious society made up of all the races under the sun, united by one banner. For centuries the Kingdom had stood strong and was prosperous…at least until the Day of the Dread Dragon.

The Fall of Iyall

The Kingdom’s Lord Magus grew ever jealous of the monarchy and sought to claim the throne for himself. To that end he summoned the Dread Dragon Tiaraneous to overthrow the King and his Army. Tiaraneous did not take kindly to being summoned by a mortal and in response she razed the capital to the ground. A Kingdom that stood for centuries was destroyed in hours, the capital city and surrounding area was turned to ash and sand. To the east Tiaraneous erected a vast mountain range from the north to south coast, dividing the continent and unleashing the Orcs, Goblins and Ogres from the underground. Those who survived the destruction fled to the City of Eslea in the south-western coast. As the religious capital of the Iyall, Eslea gained protection from the Gods of Iyall against Tiaraneous. To protect against the bands of Orcs and Goblins, the people built Five Great Walls surrounding Eslea and for 500 years they defended what remained of the Iyall people.

For 500 years the people cowered until the threat of Tiaraneous and never venturing out beyond their precious walls. Until one day, a young cleric received a vision from his god.

The Saviour of Iyall

A brief history of Iyall

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